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VCC Code Instructions for LIDS Users

When using VCC codes with LIDS there are a few simple instructions that must be adhered to. The VCC code is composed of 4 parts. The first is a 3-letter offense category (MUR for murder, RAP for rape, etc). The second is a 4-digit number. The third is a 1-letter penalty category code (F for felony, M or I for misdemeanor, and S or J for undetermined). The fourth is a 1-digit penalty severity code.

Because the VCC codes are based on the state statutes several special codes have established specifically for use with LIDS. These codes where established so that LIDS users could enter offenses which are not state statute violations and to enable other agencies to identify these offenses as not being state statute offenses. These special codes are as follows.

ORDINANCE VIOLATIONS – these codes start with ORD and end with S9, these   can only be used with an offense type of ‘OIf the locality has an ordinance code that is the same as a state misdemeanor code you can use the VCC code for the state misdemeanor by changing the eighth (8th) position (it must be 'M', 'J', 'I', or 'S') of the VCC to an 'O' and using an offense type of 'O'.

OTHER STATE OFFENSES – PRI9911S9 for out of state misdemeanors and PRI9912S9 for out of state felonies.

FEDERAL OFFENSES – Held on both state and federal charges use FED9990F9 for federal felonies or FED9991M9 for federal misdemeanors. Held on federal charges only PRI9905S9 for felonies or PRI9906S9 for misdemeanors.

MILITARY OFFENSES – PRI9907S9 for military felonies and PRI9908S9 for military misdemeanors.

For state statute offenses the penalty category code in the VCC code must be compatible with the LIDS offense type. If the VCC penalty category is an ‘M’, ‘S’, 'I', or ‘J’ it may be used with an offense type of ‘M’. If the VCC penalty category is an ‘F’, ‘S’, or ‘J’ it may be used with offense types of ‘A’ or ‘B’. Conspiracy and attempts apply only to felonies, you must enter the VCC code with a penalty category of ‘A’ for attempt or ‘C’ for conspiracy and you must also enter the ‘C’ or ‘T’ (for aTtemp) for the offense type.